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Step 2 - Choose a Plan

Note: If your plan is under the Monthly Plan, please select the same Monthly Plan you have now. If the selected plan is not enough to cover your Monthly Plan amount, you might not be able to use the plan until you paid the full plan amount.

Is your phone number under the Prepaid? If not, please click here to find the right carrier you are with.

Monthly Plan


$30 Monthly unlimited talk, text in the U.S., 5GB DATA, Unlimited text to over 100 countries

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$40 Monthly Unlimited talk & text, 15GB High Speed Data & Mobile Hotspot, Mexico and Canada

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$50 Monthly Unlimited talk, text & data within & between the U.S., Mexico & Canada,

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$65 unlimited talk, text & data 10GB Hotspot, HD Streaming, 100GB Cloud Storage, 5G Access

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Add Balance



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